How The Legend Began

Hundreds of bears, lions and bobcats have been bayed-up or treed by Steve’s hounds over the years. Some famous big-game hounds he owned include Sparky, Crazy Jake and Crazy Cascade Blue Ice. A mountaintop in Central Oregon was named after Sparky by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Sparky’s Top on Davis Mountain will forever enshrine this prominent bear hound’s name. The illustrious Crazy Jake was a top lion and bear strike dog, and was sought after by numerous big game outfitters in the late ‘80s. He brought many bear and lion to bay for outfitters on Green Ridge Mountain in the Cascades. Crazy Cascade Blue Ice was a true legendary hound who died way before his time. Blue Ice made a name for himself in the 3 short years of his life. This great hound was an intelligent, cold-nosed, powerhouse track dog that put game in trees whenever dropped on a track. Ice is one of the biggest reasons Crazy Cascade Blueticks are so sought after by houndsmen across the nation and Canada.

There are first-rate hounds in every breed, but Phipps Blueticks are the most consistent in producing top-notch hounds that will make a one-hound pack or lead any pack of big-game hounds. They are extremely early starters and have a loud, bawl-mouth. With proper training, you will have them trailing, baying and treeing at 4-6 months old. Some have reported back that their pups were doing it as early as 3 months old. Steve has had pups baying house cats and coons at only 4-6 weeks old. In addition, Phipps Blueticks have a very ‘houndy’ appearance that will make you very proud and the envy of other houndsmen. They also make great family companions with their good-natured temperament.

“You will strike, trail, locate and tree more tree-climbing game with a Crazy Cascade Bluetick.”

The Making of Legends

Kennel Mission

To produce the finest of top-notch, big-game hounds that will independently strike, trail, locate and tree in all conditions and environments. Phipps Big Game Hounds Kennels carries on the unrivaled accomplishments and tradition of renowned breeders such as Sebastian, Clear Water, and Cameron. Phipps Big Game Hounds, continues the pure line of these Legendary Hounds.

Breeding Philosophy

Hounds with intelligence, determination, balanced dispositions, strong physical traits and a demonstrated ability to repeatedly produce in the field are bred. Only the best, proven hounds are used to produce sound, healthy litters. This ensures the genetics remain strong generation after generation. Another key element used in the breeding program at Phipps Big Game Hounds Kennel is using a sufficient amount of individuals to maintain genetic diversity. Some breeders breed too closely which can result in a myriad of problems, including loss of hunting ability and health-related issues.


I wasn’t looking to run a bear today, but the hounds put one in a den after about a two mile chase. Gunner lead the whole way and here are a couple of pictures of him baying in full cry.  He caught his first bobcat at 9-months old. Gunner is a great dog and is my favorite out of four.  


Kirby’s been doing well. She’s been under 4 lion trees so far.  Another pup and she caught a lion in a culvert pipe last weekend, and she took a swat, but is fine.  She’s gamey and got to chew on a lion last Saturday.  We enjoy her antics; she’s the most entertaining dog we’ve ever owned.  


“My Crazy Cascade Bluetick caught his first coon at 9 months old by himself. He caught a bear last October by himself. Three months ago, my Crazy Cascade Hounds warned my family of an intruder breaking into our house while we were sleeping, which gave me time to get my gun. I shot the man as he entered my front door. These hounds literally saved me and my family’s lives.”

Travis- Washington

Diesel absolutely has a “mean on” for cats and trails a bear scent good, too.  The story goes like this:  we had the dogs out coon hunting, and they were treed on a coon when Diesel winded something, came off the tree, and after awhile, started treeing again on a different tree.  When they got to the tree, they found that Diesel had this cat treed by himself.  I can tell you one thing for sure, he is gonna be one bang-up hound. If you’re serious about hound hunting and are considering a Phipps-bred Bluetick, I highly recommend that you give Steve a call. I am completely, 100% satisfied with my male pup I got.  I will be purchasing another hound from Steve in the future.

La-Pine, Oregon Youth Football Team

Named the “Blueticks” for Steve Phipps bluetick hounds. The football team took 1st place 3 years in a row. When the team made a good play the fans would baul out like a Bluetick Hound.


“The two Crazy Cascade Pups I bought from you were outstanding. They both were striking and trailing big game at 6 months of age. I will be sending money for another when one is available. Great pups and keep up the great work.”


Charm is gritty, fast, strikes coons and bobcats, and she is making a name for herself in my area. Charm will be hunted on bear in the upcoming year.  She is a coon-catching machine, and I can’t wait until the other one I purchased from you, arrives.  


I am sending you some pictures of my 10-month old Bluetick, Tinker 2, which I got from you.  She is doing really well and is showing some real promise for a young dog. From day one, she has shown lots of grit, is very fast and is a natural tree dog. She is also a natural with a lot of drive for game. Tinker has all the tools and will soon be my lead pack dog.  She is high energy and always ready to hunt.  Tinker has such a great nose that she has her head up wind-scenting on the run, when most dogs have their nose to the ground picking at a track.  I’ve already had offers from others wanting to buy her.  I’ve hunted hounds for 27 years and can tell she’ll be a great dog.  Thank you again, Steve—this pup is goin’ to be a good one.


Bryan -Oregon

The dog I got from Steve is the best-mannered dog.  Not only did I get a pup that is easy to train, I also got a good friend.  Steve won’t sell a cull pup.   I have never seen a line with as much natural instinct as Steve’s line of dogs.  His line is for all types of hunters, from the new guy just starting out to the veteran houndsman.  I have only good things to say about Steve and his breed of dogs.  I will always have a CCB running in my pack.  My pup was making kills for himself at seven-months old.  Steve, thank you so much!  



I want to thank you for such a great hound. It has been a pleasure to train such an intelligent, fast, true-grit, easy to handing, hair puller, loud mouth,  tracking machine.  At six months, she was running and treeing a bear drag.  At nine months, she could run and tree her own game.  Now, at 11 months, she is out-performing the rest of my pack.  


“I’ve hunted with a lot of different hounds over the years and the pup I got from you was the easiest to train to track and tree I’ve ever owned.”


This is my Bluetick female that I got from you.  Her name is Storm, and she is doing great!  She is the fastest hound I’ve ever seen.  I sent you a picture of her baying a lion on a cliff that she caught by herself.  


Blue is a wonderful dog…very gentle and loving, but don’t underestimate him.  In hunting mode, he can be absolutely vicious VERY intimidating.  He is the most beautiful dog I’ve ever had or seen, for that matter.  We love him to death, and we do want a female puppy in the future.  


“I have been hunting coons and cats in Northern California for 22 years. I have hunted redbones, plotts and walkers. None have performed like my Crazy Cascade Bluetick. Trust me, get the best! Get a CCB!”

Ash Tully, Rio Grande Outfitters-Colorado

My Crazy Cascade Bluetick, Bullet, started earlier, and is trailing and treeing better than any of my older Cameron-bred dogs I purchased from another reputable breeder.  He is a track-driving, treeing machine that has no quit.  


“My female is good-looking, athletic and fast. Thank you for the opportunity to own one of these fine hounds.”


As of today, Luke is a little over 6-months old—and he is so smart and good natured.  He continues to draw the attention of people with his looks and temperament.  He has been the easiest dog to train.  I truly believe now, it is best that a puppy does STAY with its mom until 10 weeks of age.  He is really a great well-rounded dog.  


“It’s a real honor to own my very own Crazy Cascade Bluetick. I have hunted with them before and have been very impressed with their tracking and treeing abilities. I want to thank Steve Phipps for allowing me to represent this line of blueticks.”


Thanks for the pup—he’s a real hair puller.  He’ll bay anything I put in front of him.  He’s a good-looking hound and has a voice—to boot.  I can’t wait to get another one.  They’re naturally prone to be good hunters.  Thanks again and keep up the good breeding!  This is Copper’s first big game at 9-months old.  He bayed the sh*t out of it!  I’ve got some real good, older bay-up dogs, and he out-bayed all of them.  I’m really happy with him.   



Thank you for Elfie, Steve!  She is making a great boar hound in the Jura Mountains of France.  

In Memory of Quentin Briffouilliere—In November 2010, a fine, young French houndsman, Quentin, unexpectedly passed away.   We know how much it meant to him to import a Crazy Cascade Bluetick into France and how much he loved running the Jura Mountain Range with hounds.  Quentin loved his hounds, the mountains and his family very much. He spoke very fondly of his older brother, Youri, who continues to chase wild boar with Elfie throughout France.


“I have never seen a line with as much natural instinct as Steve’s line of dogs. His line is for all types of hunters, from the new guy just starting out to the veteran houndsman. I will always have a CCB running in my pack. My pup was making kills for himself at seven-months old. Steve, thank you so much!”


“I’ve been coon hunting for over 20 years and always thought I had top hounds, but since I got a Crazy Cascade Bluetick pup from you, I am catching them whenever the dog is dropped on a track.”


Steve-Baller is the best lion hound I own, and she was well worth the money spent.


Zoran-Montenegro (Southeastern Europe)

Blue is doing very well in her wild boar hunting.  She helped catch—and pull hide—on her first boar at 6-months old.  She is a great dog, plenty of grit and is getting better all the time.  


Nitro is looking great. He has been striking on bear, cats, lions and, today, a coyote.  The first time he was on the box with the other dogs, at 3.5 months, he struck 3 bears by himself.   He roads great, rides the box great, listens to me very well and uses his nose well.  He has lots of drive, treeing instinct and natural striking ability.   



This pup has all of the makings of a top-notch dog:  smarts, drive and the willingness to please.


Tinker has all the tools and will soon be my lead pack dog. Tinker has such a great nose that she has her head up wind-scenting on the run, when mastr. I’ve hunted hounds for 27 years and can tell she’ll be a great dog. Thank you again, Steve–this pup is goin’ to be a good one.


I can’t wait to get my Crazy Cascade Bluetick, Sweetie, for hunting boar and elk.  She is a great-looking hound and has an intelligent look.  You should be very proud and excited; your line of Blueticks will be the very first in Sweden.  


“Crazy Cascade Blueticks are the most persistent, cold-nosed hounds around. If you want to catch game, you need a Crazy Cascade Hound.”


“My Crazy Cascade Bluetick Pup is the most confident, easy-handling and earliest-starting hound of any I have ever owned. He was successfully scent-trailing and treeing at 5-months old. His natural treeing instinct is the best I have seen from a young hound. I will definitely be adding another to my pack in the near future.”


“My son and I are excited to find someone with well-bred pups.”

Dwanyne and Jordan-Washington

“I can’t tell you how excited we are. You are breeding the exact type of dog we are looking for. Thank you for your honesty about your dogs, and not just ‘BSing’ me like a lot of breeders do.”